Over the years we've been lucky enough to have press written about our vision and top coffee shops lists. 


Barista Magazine

A lecture on creating coffee community especially stood out. Matthew C. Torres of the Long Beach Coffee Club started his lecture by asking everyone to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share their favorite spot for coffee in their neighborhood.


Long Beach Post

In 2016 the Long Beach Coffee Club began carving out a space for coffee lovers to attend workshops, talks, field trips and more to learn about the energy-giving, locally lauded beverage. Earlier this month, the club released a list of top coffee shops to check out around town.


The Grunion

When Matthew Torres founded Long Beach Coffee Club in 2016, he expected to meet one or two new friends who shared his love of coffee. Today, the group has grown to more than 350 members, hosts social and educational gatherings at local venues and even has a sweet line of merchandise for coffee fans.