Top Coffee Shops in Long Beach: 2018

As Bob Dylan says, The Times They Are A-Changin’ here in Long Beach.  As we grow as a city, more coffee shops than ever seem to be popping up in 2018.  It can be a challenge to pick what shops to visit. That's we have done the research for you, drank a ton of coffee, and put together this list. It highlights the best tasting, best neighborhood serving, and overall favorite coffee shops in all of Long Beach. It's a mixture of both specialty, and second wave shops.  Now, let’s get to it!  In no order of greatness, here we go:


Lord Windsor Coffee

1101 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802


Lord Windsor Coffee has been pumping out quality coffee for years.  Wade is the head roaster and owner that selects the beans Lord Windsor will be serving.  The space serves the Alamitos Beach neighborhood and is very relaxing with plants, restored wood, and of course, amazing coffee. We stick to their pour over coffee, or straight espresso when we give them a visit. 

Hours: 7A-6P Weekdays | 8A-6P Weekends  Phone: (562) 901-2111

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Steelhead Coffee

1208 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807

Photo by  Steelhead

Photo by Steelhead

The one thing you realize when you walk into Steelhead is that it's definitely a  Cal Heights neighborhood hangout.  Most regulars know each other, and the baristas are super friendly.  They are a multi-roaster which means that they carry roasted coffee from all over the world.  It's a great place to set up a meeting, or get some work done.  We usually get a lavender latte, drip coffee, or one of their seasonal drink offerings.   

Hours: 6A-7P Weekdays | 7A-6P Weekends  Phone:  (562) 989-0000

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Portfolio Coffeehouse

2300 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90814

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A local's favorite coffee shop that has been serving the Carroll Park* neighborhood since 1989,  Portfolio excels at blended coffee drinks and dark bold coffee.  Their sister shop, Berlin, made it on our 2017 list of Top Coffee Shops in Long Beach. This year, we thought it was high time we included them both. Be sure to check out their blended coffee drinks and bold drip coffee.

Hours:  5:30AM–9PM Weekdays | 6:30AM–9PM Weekends  Phone: (562) 434-2486

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Recreational Coffee

237 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802


It seems like only yesterday that Recreational Coffee opened it's doors to serve the Downtown Long Beach neighborhood.  They have a massive Instagram game and the owner Bobby now roasts their coffee.  A cool thing they do for the community is on Sundays they host public cuppings.  When it comes to ordering, we love their espresso shake and single origin pour overs.  They also have a great iced basil coffee drink that is similar to a craft cocktail.  Lastly, don't sleep on their food menu.  They have top notch options for breakfast and lunch.  

Hours:  7AM–7PM Weekdays | 7AM–8PM Weekends  Phone: (562) 436-4954

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1322 Coronado Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804


The owner of Commodity has worked all over Southern California and Portland as a barista.  His barista game is strong and he brings top European Roasters to Long Beach.  Every time we stop in they seem to be rotating another roaster into their lineup.  We dig their pour overs, cappuccinos, and fun playlists. 

Hours:  8AM–4PM Weekdays | 8AM–5PM Weekends

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Rose Park Roasters

3044 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

Photo by  Then Nguyen

Photo by Then Nguyen

Locally roasted and delivered via bike is how Rose Park Roasters started their coffee journey in Long Beach. You can now find their beans all over Los Angeles and Orange County.  We usually get a cold brew or a coconut honey latte.  If you're hungry, they also serve up locally sourced avocado toast.  

Hours:  6AM–6PM Weekdays | 6AM–6PM Weekends

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Tierra Mia Coffee

25 E Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90806


Most people try to describe Tierra Mia by calling it the "Latino Starbucks."  This is partially correct, since they do excel at frappuccino-style frappe drinks with a Latino twist.  Take, for example, their blended horchata frappe, chocolate Mexicano frappe, and Coco Loco frappe (for you Disney fans). We enjoy their pour over options that highlight Latin American and African beans.  A quick note: they do not have WiFi. 

Hours:  6AM–12AM Weekdays | 6AM–12AM Weekends

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Wide Eyes Open Palms (WeOp)

416 Cherry Ave Long Beach, CA 90802


For as small as this joint is, it sure does pack a punch.  Located on 4th Street Retro Row near the Carroll Park neighborhood, WeOp excels at breakfast and top notch coffee.  It is tiny, but worth checking out for their selection of baked goods and roasted coffee from Washington and the Inland Empire.  We enjoy their "Shmancy" drink which includes cold brew coffee, angostura bitters, and sparkling water.  Special note: they're closed Mondays.

Hours:  7AM–3PM Weekdays | 7AM–3PM Weekends (Closed Mondays)

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Black Ring Coffee

5373 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach, CA 90805


Opening a coffee shop in North Long Beach is a brave move. But that didn't stop long time roaster Black Ring Coffee from putting their first location in the Sutter neighborhood of Long Beach.  They have a great Honey Oat Latte and a fine espresso.  If you find yourself at the Michelle Obama library and need a coffee jolt, give them a visit.

Hours:  7AM–5PM Weekdays | 8AM–5PM Weekends

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Viento y Agua Coffeehouse & Gallery

4007 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90814


We finally made it over to the Eastside's very own Viento y Agua and wondered what took us so long.  A Long Beach staple that hosts open mic nights and slangs superb coffee. We tried their Mexican Mocha and it was delightful. It stacks up to most we've tried around Los Angeles. Thursday* nights are open mic night so get your poetry ready and head on over!

Hours:  6AM–6PM S-W | 6AM–9PM TH-SA

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Polly’s Gourmet Coffee

4606 E 2nd St Long Beach, CA 90803


If you've never heard of Polly's, then you're probably not from Long Beach. Not a problem, though -- we got your back.  Polly's has been around since the 1970s, and this OG shop serves the Belmont Shore community like no other. Amidst Starbucks, Peet's, and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf all on 2nd Street, Polly's is still thriving.  Support local and grab a coffee if you're in this neighborhood.  We usually get an espresso which is roasted pretty dark and highlights a full body chocolate taste. 

Hours:  6AM–8PM Weekdays | 7AM–8PM Weekends

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Fox Coffee House

437 W Willow St Long Beach, CA 90806


When you think of a coffee shop your perspective might be different from ours.  You may look at their Instagram to see if this coffee shop is specialty or not.  I might look at how the coffee shop and its staff connects with its neighborhood.  You may look at their menu and if they have single origin pour overs or flat whites.  Whatever the case may be we all look at a coffee shop a little differently.  Fox Coffee House serves the Wrigley neighborhood, creating a safe haven for the community around them by hosting local artists and musicians. Go experience it for yourself.  For a solid coffee recommendation, we say try their iced latte.

Hours:  6AM–8PM Weekdays | 7AM–8PM Weekends

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Cuppa Cuppa

455 E Ocean Blvd Long Beach, CA 90802


Cuppa Cuppa is a coffee shop located on Ocean in Downtown Long Beach.  They have some great food and coffee.  The shop has multiple rooms and is very modern looking.  The menu has breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, and pastries.  Coffee wise, we stick to drip coffee when we come here because they feature Rose Park Roasters.  They also have several brew methods available. Give them a visit next time you are in Downtown Long Beach.

Hours:  6:30AM–5PM Weekdays | 6:30AM–5PM Weekends

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