How to Make Japanese Ice Coffee

Image by  Masaaki Komori

Summertime in California is a perfect time to try out Japanese style ice coffee.  We wanted to share our favorite recipe below!

Things you'll need

  • Chemex

  • Chemex filters

  • Grinder

  • Scale

  • Filtered water

  • Mug or decanter

  • Specialty coffee

  • 300g ice, 60g coffee, 645g hot water.

6-8 8oz servings of coffee


  1. Rinse Chemex with hot water

  2. Use cup to wet Chemex filter

  3. Add 300g ice into Chemex

  4. Add filter and 60g of coffee (ground coarse as kosher salt)

  5. Brewing: First do about a 120-180g bloom, let sit 30-45 seconds, and then do pulses of water as water level sinks. Don't let all the water flow out of the coffee at any time, and don't pour more than the water line (which you set with your first pulse after the bloom. For example, after my 120g bloom, I usually add 150g-200g of water, however much can fit in your Chemex, and the level you fill to there is your waterline)