We are launching an interview series!


We have been working on a new series where we sit down with some of our favorite coffee shop owners and roasters to get to know them.  The first interview will drop tomorrow with many more in the pipeline.  We want to highlight local neighborhood coffee shops and tell their coffee stories.  We are calling it coffee lore.

Why coffee lore?  Well, we are lovers of a good story.  Lore is short for folklore meaning traditions or stories of a community passed down.  We'll be telling shorthand stories on our Instagram and longer stories here. 

Being an owner of a coffee shop comes with a lot of big responsibilities.  We will have conversations that will help you understand what goes into owning a coffee shop.  Also, it will give insight into anyone looking to open their own coffee shop.  A shared wisdom of sorts. 

We hope you enjoy the series.  If you have any recommendations on what you would like to know please comment below.

Ciao for now,


Matthew Torres