Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Portland

It's always a great time visiting Portland.  The Portland coffee scene always leaves me wanting more.  Here are some tasty coffee shops that locals and baristas around the city helped me curate.  They're in no particular order.  If you have any recommendations that I missed please comment below.  

1.  Kopi East Asian Coffee House

2327 E Burnside St. Portland, OR 97214

Drink: Indonesian Es Kopi 

A great little coffee shop that focuses on Asian speciality drinks from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  It's right by the restaurant Screen Door which is delicious.  It was a very unique spot that will give you a particular taste into SE Asia. More Info

2.  Cup & Bar

118 NE Martin Luther King Portland, OR 97232

Drink: Espresso

Once upon a time a chocolatier and a coffee roaster had a baby and it was called Cup & Bar.  On one side of the space you have Ranger Chocolate doing it's thing and on the other side of the wall Trailhead is roasting coffee.  With an espresso shot you get a small chocolate that pairs with it. Smiles all around. More Info

3.  Barista

823 NW 23rd AvePortland, OR 97210

Drink: Espresso

This is a true espresso bar.  Tasty shot and had a little granola and almond milk as a base.  A Portland staple and a beautiful overall coffee shop. One of the top shops in the city.  More Info

4.  Nossa Familia

811 NW 13th Ave Portland, OR 97209

Drink: Espresso

When you walk in you can see stacks of green beans behind the glass and a roaster.  A tight but efficient space with a outdoor standing bar.  The best espresso I had was their Guatemala offering, very nice group of baristas too.  I also found out that Barista (the above coffee shop) uses their facilities to roast coffee during the week.  More Info

5.  Extracto Coffee

2921 NE KIllingsworth St Portland, OR 97211

Drink: Espresso

As the rain filled the air we found haven in this garage style coffee shop.  Another great espresso shot.  Bought a bag of their Ethiopia which was simply great.  More Info

6.  Coco Donuts

33 N Skidmore St Portland, OR 97217

Drink: Espresso (washed down by cinnamon roll)

This was recommended by a Portland local.  They're over the whole Voodoo and Bluestar donut craze.  Coco roasts their own beans and the espresso was solid.  More Info

7.  Coava

1300 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97214

Drink: Espresso 

This is probably my favorite coffee shop just because it was my first ever speciality shop in Portland that I visited.  The coffee and tunes are always spectacular.  I love the feel of the warehouse.  Also, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee filmed here... More Info

8.  Stumptown

7000 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97218

Drink: N/A

Before I ran to my flight I saw this beauty in the Portland airport.  A local hero that was bought and scaled nationwide.  More Info